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My ancestors settled in Château-Thébaud in 1766, near Nantes in Loire-Atlantique.

The Domaine was born with my grandfather, born in 1897.He built the current house with a small adjoining cellar.One of his sons took over and I, at the age of 20, in 1984, took over the estate...such is life !
A history, a know-how and a wine that are passed down from generation to generation in the Salmon family


The cultivation of the vine has remained traditional.Domaine Salmon has chosen farming techniques that respect the environment such as natural grassing and tillage.
The old vines with controlled yields guarantee the excellence of an ever more qualitative production.

We work daily in our plots, which allows us a rigorous and reasoned monitoring of the management of our vines and our grapes.From pruning to harvesting, including disbudding or thinning when necessary, we survey our vineyard with the constant concern for optimal quality and sublimation of the terroir.

At each stage of cultivation, vinification, ageing, bottling, storage, labeling, preparation of orders and shipments, everything is meticulously carried out and checked.The raw materials used also.


Each person is assigned to a position and specialized in their field.It is important to master the tricks of the trade.The team being small, everyone knows the work of the other, hence the ability to check each other and replace each other to ensure deadlinesAs for the vineyard, the place where the wine is made, the selection of plots, the choice of grape varieties and the pruning methods, are defined to offer you true wines, marked by our style, our vineyard.

We develop our wines entirely ourselves and we bring all our know-how through all the stages:

  • Maturity monitoring in the vine (sugars, acidity, PH of the grapes, grape tasting), which determines the precise optimal harvest date

  • Realization of the harvest which respects the integrity of the grapes and its rapid delivery to the cellar

  • Pneumatic pressing without trituration with the greatest respect for the bunch

  • Cold settling by gravity

  • Alcoholic fermentation with temperature control and daily monitoring

  • Aging on lees

  • Racking

  • Bottled at the property by us

  • Packaging, order preparation

Once the harvest is in the cellar, hygiene is rigorous and the cellar is adapted to limit handling of the juices and thus keep the wine true to itselfTastings are carried out throughout the vinification and maturing, all together, often with the contribution of our fathers, with experienced palates, and our children preparing for the future.

There are many of us to grasp and ensure the character of the wines of the Domaine.

The cellar is gradually being transformed and equipped to be able to conduct and develop winemaking methods that allow us to best express the full potential of our terroir and our passion as winegrowers.

The development of Domaine Salmon is accompanied by constant qualitative efforts in order to express all the typicity and authenticity of its terroirsWith today a rich range, appreciated by a wide public, the Domaine Salmon asserts itself as an essential reference of quality and know-how in our appellationThis spirit is found in the wines offered and is expressed through simple and universal values such as sharing, conviviality, simplicity and authenticity.

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